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Orthopedic Devices: The Debate Between Cost and Quality

Orthopedic surgery is not a quick fix for any type of problem. When it comes to problems relating to the musculoskeletal system, there is almost always a long recovery and frequently rehabilitation involved as well. In some instances, especially when degenerative diseases are the root cause, it can require specialized equipment and therapy for life. Surgery itself often involves the implantation of specific devices used to repair or strengthen particular problems.

Many medical device companies offer the equipment medical device distributors need, but it is important the right items are chosen. By right, this can mean choosing from a list of items that offer the identical service but can vary widely in price. This matters because the difference in medical bills can be enormous.

The importance of finding the best device for patients, but to get it at a sensible price, is the reason so many hospitals are reducing the options available for their specialists to choose among. While this may not be important when a quality option is available, it can be a problem if a provider is choosing cost over quality.

The medical device sales industry has responded by offering a range of items to most facilities that make it easy for surgeons to have a choice between high, mid-range and low cost devices of the same type. The good news is that surgeons are frequently becoming more involved, understanding that responsible choices can make it possible for their patients to still receive excellent care but making it more affordable as well, helping to reduce medical costs for everyone.

Even better is that because these maneuvers are being performed to cut expenses, hospitals are acutely aware of how the usage of poor quality devices can become problematic for them. Second surgeries and lawsuits that stem from problem devices can destroy their bottom line. As hospitals and surgeons are taking more time to select the best possible device for their patients, the potential for issues with those devices is beginning to drop along with the costs.

This is why anyone who will be undergoing this type of surgery needs to be certain their surgeon is still able to get their devices from the top medical device companies. It is only by purchasing from a company that is reputable that consumers can be certain even if the least expensive device is chosen for them, it will still be safe and reliable. A clear, direct conversation with their surgeon about what is being used and why can help to alleviate the fears of any patient.

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